Fifth Direction - Spiritual Coaching & Recovery Work - Houston, TX
In many ancient traditions, Indo-European, Celtic, and Native American,
the four directions of North, South, East, and West represent different
aspects of Being.  In addition to the four cardinal directions there is the
Fifth Direction which is the Center / Spirit / Void / Unknown.  There are
many different meanings for each direction from the various cultures,
except for the fifth, that is Spirit.  Within the four earthly directions there
are Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.  Attributes represented with the directions
are North: Wisdom / Logic / Balance; South: Introspection / Death /
Intuition; East: Trust / Innocence / Emotion; and West: Illumination /
Enlightenment / Beauty.

The heart of the four directional symbolism is the fifth direction, the
center or within.  This is the navel and source of creation.  This is the
direction of Spirit.  Its Nature form is the Divine Soul stuff that links all life
together.  It is the synthesis of the Elements and the directions.  In
human life, this is the spiritual realm and the dimension of the Divine in its
many forms.  In connection with this direction, pay attention to the core
of your being -
your inner Self.

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